Thursday, 2 January 2020

Four Square - Coming Soon

In 2017, I heard about @sleepinthegardn’s 5 year plan on getting her film project off the page and on to the screen. I decided to jump on-board with this idea. I came up with my own 5 year plan - 4 different stories that lead up to 1 final team up far I’ve released 2/5 - ‘Armed’ and ‘The Alibi’. Slowly but surely, chipping away at this project while maintaining a job and creative side hustles. 
2019 has been an extremely difficult year for my family and me, and has halted much of my creativity let alone my productivity. Which meant no comic release this year. But I’m determined to keep working towards this 5 year 2022 I’ll have completed the set. 
With that said I’m pleased to announce ‘Four Square’ is coming. In fact, it’s coming...January!

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