Wednesday 15 December 2010

Side Effects - Issue #2

Don't forget Side Effects - Issue #2 will be available to buy from 19/12/10 - This Sunday!

And, of course, to Celebrate the Release of Side Effects - Issue #2 There will be an Exclusive One-off Art Sale...
Side Effects and Other Works of Art
Come along to the Rag Factory (McCoy Studio) - 19/12/10

Including a meet and greet with the star of the 'Who is She?' Campaign and the new character in the Side Effects comics!

Check out our Facebook Event:

Who is She? Documentaries

Wednesday 1 December 2010

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Get Involved on: and click on the 'Who is She?' Banner

Monday 29 November 2010

Get Involved!!!

Who is She? Find out in the Release of Side Effect- Issue #2

Meet and Greet her at:

Side Effects and Other Works of Art - Art Sale

Rag Factory (McCoy Studio) on:


If you think you can guess who she is, email me a picture, video or sound clip with your guess


Anyone who gets the answer correct with receive a FREE Official 'Who is She?' T-shirt at the Art Sale!!!

Also, Official 'Who is She?' Stickers are in various location in Cental London. Find one and send me a pic, and you will receive a FREE e-book version of Side Effects - Issue #2!

Two New Side Effects Animations

Side Effects and Other Works of Art - Art Sale

Sunday 17 October 2010

Who is She? Campaign

To celebrate the launch of my online portfolio and the release of 'Side Effect' (E-book and Hardcopy) I am launching the 'Who is She?'/'The Wait is Over' Campaign...

More Black and White Work

Friday 17 September 2010

The Prince & the Servant

I've made 'The Prince & the Servant' available to purchase as both a paperback book and downloadable e-book format from
It's a rough version and not formatted too well. I just wanted to get it up there but will try andd re-format it so it will be worth purchasing in the future.

The Prince & the Servant - Preview Final Art

The Prince & the Servant - Cover and Back