Sunday 29 October 2017

Friday 17 February 2017

2017: Way of the Warrior

(1. Triumphant,  2. Focus, 3. Siren, 4. In the Cold, 5. Warmer Inside)

2017: 'I Don't'

To celebrate Mariah's new single 'I Don't' I did this drawing.

Check out the new track below:

2017: Coming Home

(1. Home, 2. Perseverance (Purpose), 3. Have Faith (Surrender),  4. Rest your eyes, 
5. Look Within, 6. Stuck, 7. Lead the Way (Trust))

2017: Choose Compassion with Maggie Q

"I usually don't have a particular "agenda" when I post my artwork but I saw an image the other day that really struck me...please check out Maggie Q's Instagram for more information @MaggieQ w/ @Peta"

Update: I am thrilled to have Maggie Q herself repost my piece on her own Instagram. So again, please just out her Instagram and get involved. Choose Compassion.

Thursday 16 February 2017

2017: New Work 'Coming Home' Process

The process behind my new collection of works 'Coming Home'
(Available on Instagram: @RSJCheam)

2016: Wings of the Wild

Inspired by 'Wings of the Wild' by Delta Goodrem (
(Available on Instagram: @RSJCheam)

2016: They're Back...

Couldn't resist a re-design for a sequel...
(Available on Instagram: @RSJCheam)

2016: Xena Sketch on Instagram

(Available on Instagram: @RSJCheam)

2016: Marvel Instagram Sketches

(Available on Instagram: @RSJCheam)

2016: Commission - Broomstick Adventures