Wednesday 10 February 2010

The Drawing Board Poster Design 1

This Project I'm doing...

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to blog about it...depends on the terms & conditions...but here's some roughs! One day I'll explain...if I'm allowed to...


I've been welcomed on board the exciting vlogging world of HelloCakeTV aka HCTV!

I've already worked on a few sketches for the site and have some idents in the early stages...all fun watch this space...well actually click the link below and watch that space! :p

Business Cards and Twitter

Yes I finally have Business Cards so expect to see them in as many random places I can put them. Only the first of many designs!!!

Also, I'm finally on Twitter! So please follow me - 'RSJCheam'

There will inevitably be many shameless plugs for 'The Drawing Board'!

The Drawing Board

Yes! It's finally set up! My first Independent Exhibition!
It's all very exciting and I'm happy Jrink are so welcoming.
Shout out to HR Artworks for listening to my lengthy rambles and all the support!

Here are the Details so be sure to tattoo it to your body...or at least write it in your diary!
The Drawing Board - Tuesday 27th April - Jrink, Soho :D

Check us out on Facebook -'The Drawing Board' Event -

Vines of Duty - Original Artwork

I know I've been slow at uploading these but here they are...
Some of the original artwork for the promotion of HR Artworks' event 'Vines of Duty'

Wrong is Right - The Story of...

Wrong is Right Project - I was exploring how what we used to believe is weird, bizarre or wrong is now popular and celebrated. For example: Lady Gaga hence the music reference. I also wanted to contrast that idea against something that is usually consider 'Right'. So here's the 'Wrong is Right' Story of Jesus Christ...Enjoy!