Monday 10 August 2009

50's Housewife Poster Designs

Intimacy - Paintings Set 1

Intimacy - Photo Set 1

City of Ember - Set 1

Durex Dom

London Paper

Emma Bridgeman and I appeared in the London Paper earlier this year...

Tee Design

Silver on White Design...based on an image of Eliza Dushku

Jack and Jill Project

Here are some sketches from my Jack and Jill Project...
I updated the story to be more relatable to a modern audience with an unexpected darkness and grit. These show the reason as to why Jack falls down the hill...

Editorial Illustrations

Life of Pi - Promotion Campaign

Vines of Duty

The Promotional posters and tickets featuring my work were used during the Vines of Duty event earlier this year.

Please check out their website for more info on the work I did and future events at:

I'd like to take this chance to thank HR-Artworks for this great opportunity, the support they provided and their encouragement. Hope to work with them again soon.

Thanks also to those who showed up on the day!