Thursday, 6 November 2008


Ever felt like everyone is walking the opposite direction to you? Or felt like you're only ever looking in on what everyone else is doin?
It isn't just feeling like an outsider as those most popular or centre of attention can still feel an emptiness.

A nebulous hole in society...

In today's society everyone feels a certain sense of "going through the motions" and being somewhat cut off from day-to-day life. Always in search of moving toward something better, happier and stronger.

Holeism is a self-aware movement that realises that each person has something exciting and new to offer the world but all share that empty space. The growing fear of being "just holes".

Through the medium of art, whether it be painting (film, fashion, drawing or performance) we hope to express our personalities and ideals. This in turn fulfils us as people, bridges gaps in our society and means we ultimately make an enormous, penetrating effect on the world we live in.

Prove to the world we are not just holes, make a penetrating effect on it!

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